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religion an inheritance

Is Religion an Inheritance?

Freedom was a basic standard upon which the Islamic State (during the lifetime of the Prophet and rightly-guided Caliphs) was established. It was the...
dawah (islamic preaching) saved her from hellfire

A Door Knock that saved her from Hellfire

It was Friday, a boy and his father came to the mosque to perform the Friday prayer. After every Friday prayer, Dawah activities took...
the muslim blood

The Muslim Blood

This article is based upon emphasizing and spreading the significance and awareness of the sanctity of Muslim blood, the obligation to take protective steps...
9 way to welcome ramadan the special guest

9 Ways to welcome Ramadan, the Special Guest

As a nature, we all rejoice when we hear the coming of a guest, but, if the guest is so especial and important, then...
domestic violence and its prohibition in islam

Domestic Violence and its Prohibition in Islam

Family or domestic violence is one of the global issue, which unfortunately can be found almost in every family. This destructive issue has ruined...
miracle of al isra wal miraj

Miracle of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj

There is no doubt that our Supreme Lord, Allah (SWT) did not create this universe in vain. He created it and all it contains...
10 benefits of marriage in islam

10 benefits of Marriage in Islam

Islam has various reasons to urge marriage such as its benefits in safeguarding one’s Faith and also because it is the only and an...


ISIS and their Objectives

ISIS and Their Objectives

Divide And Rule

Divide And Rule

Human Rights Violation in Gaza

Human Rights Violation in Gaza