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Quran as a Cure 0

The Noble Quran as a Cure (Shifaa)

In Arabic the literal meaning of the word “Ash-Shifaa” is simple, a cure, remedy or healing from a sickness. Our Lord the Supreme called the Glorious Quran “Shifaa” in many Verses and in different...

How to handle yourself in Depression 0

How to handle yourself in Depression?

It is an established fact as far as the teachings of Islam that any aspect of religiosity that does not impact the character of an individual, that act of religiosity is of very little...

scientific miracles iin the oceans and animals 0

Showing kindness towards Animals in Islam

Islam has emphasized on Showing kindness towards Animals and being cruel to them is considered as a sin. The Noble Book of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) guide and give...