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Revelation of the Holy Quran in the Best, Eloquence and the Most Comprehensive of...

Allah (SWT) chose to send down the final and last of His Books in the Arabic language. This choice can be traced back to...
Manners and etiquette in islam

The Etiquette and Manners of Gathering in Islam

Our entire life is in submission to the way of Islam. One of the most brilliant aspects of the Islamic moral system is that...

Loving and hating for the Sake of Allah

A Muslim, as ordered by his belief in his Lord, does not love anyone he loves except for the sake of Allah the Exalted...
Selflessness in Islam

Selflessness in Islam

It is the love of good for others. When we find a situation that calls for selfless behavior, we prefer others and favor them...

Islamic New Year and Festivals of non-Muslims

The pagans of the Pre-Islamic Period of Ignorance used to shift the sacredness of one month to another, and sometimes they regarded the year...

Relationship of Parents with Children

In Islam, the mentality of freedom is replaced by responsibility. This responsibility is not merely towards yourself and your own desires; rather it is...

Justice and Equity in Islam

According to the Book of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) Justice and Equity is one of the basic and essential...

How to behave with Children in Islam?

As Muslims, we recognize that a child has rights over his parents that he must fulfill. Moreover, there are some manners and etiquette that...

Common rights and Etiquette between Spouses

Most of us know the specific rights and manners of each spouse but there are some mutual rights and manners to be observed by...

Loss of Honesty

If we take a look at our society we would found out or gauge very quickly that there is a rising proportion of dishonest...


ISIS and their Objectives

ISIS and Their Objectives

Divide And Rule

Divide And Rule

Human Rights Violation in Gaza

Human Rights Violation in Gaza