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Prayer – A Direct Line To God

The devices like mobile phone, talking computers and tablet PCs are the means of communication these days. One cannot deny their importance in daily...

Zakah – The Obligatory Charity

In general, charity has two breeds i.e. Obligatory Charity and Non-Obligatory Charity. In Islamic world, obligatory charity refers to Zakah (Zakat) while non-obligatory charity...

Science Testifies The Quran

Adam – the first man of the universe - was forbade not to eat from a specific tree but he did so and was...

Stakeholders Of Islam

When it comes to stakeholder, these are those elements without which support an organization, a company or anything that is shared cannot exist or...

God In World of Religions

One of the distinguishing features of our civilization is the presence of a large number of religions and ethical systems. Mankind has always sought...

How To Interact – The Art of Interaction

Interaction has become an art now a days. People are much conscious about how to interact with others? Since it’s a matter of fact...
Earn the Blessings of Ramadan

Earn the Blessings of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is at our doorstep. And I am sure that most of you are preparing for it to earn the...


ISIS and their Objectives

ISIS and Their Objectives

Divide And Rule

Divide And Rule

Human Rights Violation in Gaza

Human Rights Violation in Gaza